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Basketball that will never see the sun

Here are a few of the several basketball images that will never be published. UD lost the contract to this one, so here are a few...

More War...warcraft

Here are a few new warcraft images I can post.

the mattson 2 shoot

We had the opportunity to have the MAttson 2 and a Japanese film crew come in to film for Tortoise Matsumoto, he is famous in Japan with his music travel show and as a great guitarist. We expected this to be a film production, but as pro as they are, they came in, filmed two songs and bailed...this painting, a 2' x 2' was done in probably 20 minutes, I thought we would have more time, but of course, we never know what to expect when it comes to film production.

more quick sketches


a few head quick sketches

These are all within 20 minutes each during class while I am waiting for the students to get their first round of lay-ins worked up...some great characters in LA...

some studies from classes

These r a few QS pages from class, mostly LAAFA studies, although number 2 is our very own Van Metcalf, the greatest model to grace a stage. He is an actor taboot, and yes, the poses were nude, I added the clothing with what time I had as inspiration to the poses. These are all 5 minute poses I believe.


Here is a marker sketch I did of "AWESOME PAUL" This was done during one of our Friday Night Sketch nights. We each pose for one another for 20 minutes and sketch, drink, chat, etc. its great fun, and this was a rare night, Paul posed, no glasses, no complaints, and we found out he likes to be called Awesome Paul...:)

This was done on his pad with his markers after I could not get my setup ready in time. Thanks Paul for the moment of time...

I need to be more aware

AWARE, well, no, more like slapped in the face to keep the updates

Here is a few new posts...this one is a pic I really felt was strong in our class last night, Wed night dynamic lighting class...this was done by Brian Weiss, he really hit this one out of the park last night, you could say he got in the "Zone"

Now to get more images and update. Thanks Brian for the great session.