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anatomy study

The latest drop doing an anatomy study of the back muscles from a photo reference. Actually, it was an excuse to try the new phone camera.  :)

flexion part1

A new video on using the armature and how to think about the flexion of the limbs.

TFL animation

This was a video I made in response to so many students in my anatomy classes not understanding the shape changing of the TFL muscle.  This shows in part how the muscle changes shape with varying degrees of movement in the leg.

QS Drop3

Here is the newest Lemendrop warmup drawing.  This was done with prismacolor pencil on printer paper.

Drawing of a girl wearing headphones

Here is a quick little warm up using charcoal on newsprint.

Drawing in a waiting room

This was a fun little drawing I did at LensCrafters while I was waiting for Vanessa to get her eyes examined.