a few head quick sketches

These are all within 20 minutes each during class while I am waiting for the students to get their first round of lay-ins worked up...some great characters in LA...


Been admiring your work in your blog.
So much understanding goes into each piece.
Love the constructive sketches.
Thank you for sharing. Seeing your work confirms I'm on the right track.

Wish I could pull a rope and haul your school into West Los Angeles.
Tim Chambers said…
Hey- you're pretty good. Some of your heads display such a beautiful sense of not just form (which I appreciate and aim for as well), but you're capturing the sense of the person. Enjoyed looking at your work, Ron.
Unknown said…
good character sketches looks like you got the light and the mood.john chapin
Tom Knowles said…
I came across a drawing tutorial you did on drawing heads and that lead me here. Your draftsmanship is outstanding. Your sketches of figures and heads are absolutely beautiful. Any plans for a comprehensive online portfolio?
Anonymous said…
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