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Illustrator, Educator, Designer, Author, Creative Consultant, Visionary.  Whichever creative project Ron Lemen is tackling, he will always bring a fresh twist and perspective to it.  Quality and Clarity are the main motives.  His art is a mosh up of influences from Warner Brothers Cartoons to Peter Paul Rubems, and everything in between.  Every job is inspired by this confluence of creative influences, melding together each new piece into something fresh and unique.

Born into an artistic family, it wasn’t hard to guess Ron Lemen’s future. While art was an outlet for most of his family wishing they could do it instead of their actual jobs, Ron was determined to make it his career.  His grandmother did portraiture, mom dabbled with everything from painting to welding (and gave him his first skateboard which would consume a big part of his future), dad did a lot of antique furniture restoration, crafting and building muskets, guitars, meticulous miniature wooden ships and WW1 airplanes, and his grandfather designed and built radios and cars from the ground up just for fun.  It wouldn’t be long before all these influences would lead Ron down his own creative path.

Prior to art school, consisting of several years in college classes and finishing in the Atelier system, Ron was already working with several skateboard companies creating their logos, graphics and production art.  While in art school, he traveled around the country as a sponsored athlete skateboarding in demos and filming skate videos.  This early exposure to the action sports industry led him to work with clientele like Birdhouse Skateboards (Tony Hawk), Airwalk Shoes, Ride Snowboards, and Transworld Media, just to name a few.  In the several decades since, Ron has designed products for the action sports industry, from skate shoes to travel bags.  This led to designing some amazing hi tech toys for children and now designing a portable studio for traveling artists.

 Just prior to finishing art school, Ron started working in the comic industry creating content for Image, Dark Horse and Marvel Comics.  Somehow during this time, he found his way to the exciting new world of 3D gaming and started his career in the industry as a concept artist for Presto Studios.  Since then he has immersed himself in the video game and animation/film industry where he does concept and pre-production art, illustrations, color keys, and matte paintings on occasion for companies like Universal and Harmony Gold. 

While studying in his first Atelier, Ron was asked to instruct a few classes which he enjoyed so much that it led him to teaching foundation and entertainment art with 5 different prestigious art schools as well as co-founding his own with wife and partner, Vanessa Lemen, that started as Studio 2nd Street and has evolved to what is now  The two are dedicated to simplifying, clarifying, and reinventing art education, making it a useful tool for anyone and everyone wanting to speak using the visual language.

Along with mentoring some fantastic artists, Ron is currently finishing up a hefty figure drawing manual covering a variety of techniques and approaches, and he is preparing a website for his future graphic novel(s), developing a universe he hopes will inform, inspire and entertain those who are curious and adventurous.  Speaking of adventure, he and his wife are working on a creative Vlog that will send them both out and about, far and away, traveling and adventuring into the unknown in search of the meaning of creativity, engaging in the imagination, and exploring solutions with a child-like curiosity and a hunger for problem solving.  In other words, it’s a how-to Vlog for the artistically inclined, with adventure and play as a necessary tool for discovering solutions.

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