Tutorial On Using the Figure for Picture Making Updated 4-16

These are a little bigger than the images I saved over on ImagineFX forum. The entire tutorial will also be posted on Conceptart.org...

Page 5 updated on the forum

Page 6 Now updated on the forums...


Mike said…
Nice blog Ron love your work already, just read your Gnomon Interview, lots of interesting knowledge. I now have a list of the 7 fundementals. Now off to buy 1 of your Portraiture DVD's. Then tomorrow I will look at this tutorial as well. Thankyou for posting and sharing this. Mike.

PS I am trying to learn about values and colors. the only info i can find about how to combine those two elements is draw form in black and white and add glazes to apply color. And to paint using color in the correct value, squint. I am not satisfied with ither of these answers to the problem they seem inadequate not useless just not the full answer. Do you have any books that you can suggest that cover this in detail, I found Harley Browns book but that is far to expensive. Im in New Zealand other wise I would enrol in your course in a heartbeat. Any help would be appreciated.
Mike said…
Just went to your school site and found a pdf on head drawing with a colour wheel and a corresponding value wheel, thanks. checking out your other stuff there as well. I think my favourite pieces are the Frazetta tribute, I'd like to be good enough to do a tribute to someone as great as him, the wizards of the coast and the harmonica player.

check out my blog since Ive written a book on yours (sorry) hehe, hey Im an artist.

Dr. B said…
Awesome tutorial! Thanks a lot for posting.

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