This is Dash...we have been friends for a very long time. He is now the master DJ for The Tribe of Kings, the tightest reggae and dance hall sounds on the west coast. And he is blowing my mind with what he is cutting up on his mixer...and does one of the best ollie impossibles in the biz...
Pencil and a little gouache on watercolor paper


Anonymous said…
There's some really hot stuff here Ron. That's why you and Van are master Senseis.

I especially love the Mattson 2 drummer. Great energy and you definitely feel the reverberation of the drums which is very cool. The one with the heaped up armies and the armored creatures pounding people and spiking them was also sweet.

Anyway, keep rocking it. See you at class.
Unknown said…
thanks Dave. It's guys like you though that make it worth everything. You keep rockin it and it wont be too long....:)


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