Star Wars 1

Here are three of several images I did for a Star Wars Universe book. They were done in Goauche and digital. Unfortunately, when I did the digital part, I had no Wacom Tablet and had to do these by finger mouse on my laptop. I am not happy with the coloring or detailing, and will post an updated version of these when I have the time to fix them the way I wanted...but it was Star Wars...finally worked on something I really got into...
Paintings are 4 x 6 inches in Black and White goauche.


Anonymous said…
Finger mouse on the laptop? Oww, yikes.

I dig the TIE fighters one. They're so much cooler than X-wings; pity the bad guys get them.
Stephen James. said…
The not so inner Sci-fi geek in me is totally digging this rock on.

See you Tuesday dude!
Steve Chon said…
sup ron, this is steve from associates way back when. great to reconnect with you and see your inspirational work online. hope all is well bro. great stuff!
Ramses said…
fFantastic art work!
Kin Lok said…
hey Ron hows it going? Man magic castle was the da Bomb i was looking forward in seeing you =(
hey i've upload some of my recent drawings and painting come and check it out at my blog
i hope everything is going well and your getting some rest!
Art Fan Ako said…
Very impressive!

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