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Star Wars 1

Here are three of several images I did for a Star Wars Universe book. They were done in Goauche and digital. Unfortunately, when I did the digital part, I had no Wacom Tablet and had to do these by finger mouse on my laptop. I am not happy with the coloring or detailing, and will post an updated version of these when I have the time to fix them the way I wanted...but it was Star Wars...finally worked on something I really got into...
Paintings are 4 x 6 inches in Black and White goauche.

advertisement for Magic the Gathering

This was an ad for Magic Time Spiral Campaign. It appeared in a trade publication, and I think it also ended up in some comic books. Pencil, Digital, mostly digital. This is the second to last iteration in the working process. I can't find the final image...strewn in somewhere with all the other junk piling up everywhere.
17 x 17" Original size

drunken times

FOr the interior of an RPG game.
Graphite and Ink
8 x 10

more stuff

This was an interior illustration for a sci-fi book.
Graphite and a little digital.
9" x 12"

the last video

The last video in the hand series

next video...

The next one
My brother's band did the music for this one and they were called the By The Ways, not the Byways as I accidentally wrote in the video...Thanks Jay and the rest of the band for this good jamming music. Surf Music is not dead...

Another Video from the collection

Here is another video from the article. I have to compress for the web so it will take a bit for these all to appear here...but they will be up on the net soon. Either here or at

video of hand drawing

I hope this works. This is one of the videos I created for the latest ImagineFX DVD issue 30. It accompanies the article I did on drawing hands holding objects. Hope this works...

This and other videos will be up on soon, a great place to go on the net for art instruction. Enjoy the videos and they will be more instructional sooner than later. These were all a test and experiment. Your comments will also help me organize the videos and get the right information to you. And yes, I used the Mattson 2 for the sounds...these videos were filmed on my own, I could not keep an eye on the monitor and draw under the time I had. I also filmed this with an Elph so I had no chance of checking out what was being filmed. More on the filming later when I draw up the diagram so it makes more sense. This is called dedication, or stupidity...:)
Here is a diagram of the shoot to give you an idea how this first round went...invent as you go.:)


This is Dash...we have been friends for a very long time. He is now the master DJ for The Tribe of Kings, the tightest reggae and dance hall sounds on the west coast. And he is blowing my mind with what he is cutting up on his mixer...and does one of the best ollie impossibles in the biz...
Pencil and a little gouache on watercolor paper

thumbs for the pages

And here is how the pages started. The thumbnails for page approval.

Marvel Presents pages

Two pages I did for a Marvel Presents Vangaurd book for Marvel Comics. Didn't get name credit but got them published. Issue 5. Coloring job kinda hacked the pages, but I don't expect too many colorists to do a great job over raw pencils...

Mattson 2 too

And here is the amazing Jonathan. He and his brother are going to be big jazz musicians in this next generation of music. And hopefully they have their new site up soon. Otherwise, here is
their blog
oil 3' x 5.5'

Mattson 2

This is Jared. He is the amazing guitarist in the dynamic duo of the Mattson 2. He and his brother are exceptionally gifted musicians and I am very proud to be working with them.
Oil 4' x 6'

Jimmy Patton

He is a terrific guitarist. Van and I are soon to do some more images of he and his wife playing together. He is extremely talented and very fun to watch. The double guitars is incredible.
Oil 4' x 5'

frazetta piece

Here is a goofy quick painting I did for the Frazetta issue of ImagineFX, I believe it was issue 29. The image was a little dinker thumbnail, I figured I should post this here so you can see it a little larger. It was done in gaouche and pencil, digital. I think the original is 16 x 16 roughly...

hack and slash

...and I did this one before the Treant so I can say I hadn't quite learned my lesson with the motion blur filter yet...Wizards of the Coast the client.

and the back cover

...and the back cover for the book.

Another Cover Front

This was a novel cover done for the man who wrote Logan's Run. Ray Bradbury likes this too and hopes to publish a new book and hopefully we can collaborate while he can see the book published. This group of writers is amazing, some of the most entertaining sci-fi writers around. Let's hope they continue producing more visionary works, more for us to illustrate too:)

Cover Painting

This was a cover for Margaret Weis Productions called the Immortals. This was a fun picture, calm or passive aggression.

Kookie Surfer Dude

This was a character design for TWS Surf Game, one of several but the most rendered out of the group, also the most disturbing...:)

another oil portrait

This was another oil portrait done on raw board so I hope it holds up in the end...16 x 20. And another portrait of the ever transforming Bob.

game art

This was for an RPG real world history game. It has a lot of potential, the game that is...this was a fun piece, ink and black and white gaouche and I am sure I spelled that wrong.

Another WOW Card

Some more WOW art.

oil landscape

This painting was a commission from a great animator from Sony, at least at the time he was working with Sony. Luong Phan, and if I misspelled your name please let me know. This was oil 48 x 60 and tons of fun. I really want to go here at some point, this was too inspiring to paint!

Comic Page Test

This was a page test for a book called Rex Mundi. Arvid is an amazing writer and I hope he has a long and fruitful career. That means amazing stories till were all old and gray!!!

head drawing

Here is an old drawing of a great soldier out of costume the Mighty Bob. I think this is Graphite and Stabilo Wax Pencil.


This was another digital attempt at traditional noise that I feel did not work so well, but I still like the image. It works better smaller. I might one day go back and fix some of the noise, but for now it serves as a good learning lesson.

Treant WOW Card

One of many WOW cards I have done for the game. Its a fun universe to play with color and shape. Last time I use a filtered blur...booooo...heh.

Burnquist Portrait

A portrait of Bob Burnquist, one of several different paintings I did for a video cover of his career. I think the video came out 2 years ago.

Wizards Image from '04?

I will have to find a bigger version of this image. This was for Wizards of the coast several years ago and ended up in Expose 5. One of the first of many multi-figure compositions I have been enjoying.

Tutorial On Using the Figure for Picture Making Updated 4-16

These are a little bigger than the images I saved over on ImagineFX forum. The entire tutorial will also be posted on

Page 5 updated on the forum

Page 6 Now updated on the forums...

I have to start sometime eh?