Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Godzilla vs. Kincade

This was for a show we did at Studio2ndstreet called Changes. The Idea was to remove an idea from our culture that a commercial vehicle built; Thomas Kinkade's cottages do not represent quality fine art.

First, that quality fine art is nothing more than a Print, or more eloquently put, a Giclee, that has a few factory placed(stamped) wax and varnish made raised brush strokes.

Second, your print is number 47,043 of 50,000.  Do you feel special with that fine uniue purchase that 50,000 others have?  And not to mention the plates, mugs, cheap posters, t-shirts and g-strings that have the same image printed on them, but yes, it was a one of a kind...moment!

What better way to remove this notion than to bring another pop idol in to do his thing?  You can see the way he is charging up his fire pit deep within to exhale another poorly built psuedo-medieval cottage.  You can also tell in his posture he is bored because there will be no one coming to fight against him with all that prosaic everyone is taking immobilizing them within their firey lit lattice barred prisons.

Bottom line, it was for a fun event and now that this thing is traveling about the internet, I want to make it clear what the intention was for painting this.  Actually, I am starting a painting line of cottages getting ruined by other various pop culture icons as well-   XtremePopularDestruction.com for more info.   HAHAHAH.  Just kidding.

The other description I wrote previous to this one was probably written while drunk with exposure and extreme fame the first time this was viewed and widely accepted by the millions of visitors at our booth at the Glamor and Glitz Comic-Con in Sunny San Diego.   Just kidding again, but I was probably drunk, Thomas and I were putting em down left and right that night.   LOL

If you have that old description, please do a virtual burn of it and have a wonderful day, if your home is not burning from G-dawg shooting his torch off.

Monday, June 8, 2009

drapery class

We teach a class that goes over procedures for drawing the figure clothed. This semester was a really productive semester and all the students improved considerably from the beginning to the last class, and it was awesome to see the rapid growth. These are demonstrations and quick sketches from that class.