TAD art

Here are a few new images I am posting to announce my participation with TAD. The Art Department.org Vanessa will be coming on board soon, I was asked to fill a class last moment.

We are really excited and can't wait to start up with TAD.

Oh, and it has been a while. I need to be a little more responsive to the web these days...no more hiding under rocks:)


Zack said…
It's good to see another post from you. *looks forward to more art*
Matthew said…
Awesome!! These are...very inspiring. And can't wait to see the video...thank you for doing this Ron!
wow I didn't know you had a blog.
I found your tutorials on gfxartist about 7 years ago when I was 13, and they were a great help to me. I am now a concept artist, and I stopped by to say thank you.
I also like your youtube videos that I came across. Keep it up!
Arms said…
Great! Love your work and teaching ~ looking forward to more!
joshart said…
Hey Mr. Lemen. I am a huge fan of your works. I own every issue of the anatomy tutorials you did for imagine fx, and multiples of the collection.

Because of you I have been able to work on the industrial design method of anatomy and it has been a great help to me.

I have a random question. I have been having trouble posing my figures in deep and dynamic foreshortening. I have tried using cylinders to help, but I still have some trouble, particularly with the torso. Any help?

Also, do you have any plans to release your own book in the future?

Thank you very much
thanks for sharing this wonderful post it really helps me a lot especially on my research and studies.

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